Orlando, Florida and Surrounding Areas

Patricia specializes in Life Modeling, Dynamic Gesture Poses, Long Poses, and modeling for Photography.

She is available for Art classes, Drawing Groups, Private Sessions, and Photo Shoots.




Patricia’s passion for modeling was ignited in her early childhood where she frequently served as a muse for her father, who was an accomplished professional photographer in Chicago.  That passion reinvented itself when she discovered life modeling!

Patricia loves everything about life modeling sessions from collaborating on unique concepts to the mental challenge of holding difficult dynamic poses.  But what really nourishes her creative cravings are seeing the unique works of art that each artist is inspired to draw, sculpt, or paint.

Patricia’s commitment to living a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet and a regular regimen of advanced gym workouts to provide a sculpted body for inspiration.  She is always looking for new modeling experiences and loves the opportunity to work with new artists.