Artist Focus : Andre Grosvenor

I met artist Andre Grosvenor during the very early stages of my life modeling adventure. It was my fifth modeling session, and my very first Open Studio session, held on a Monday night at Crealdé School of Art. Before this session, I had only posed undraped for one artist at a time. Technically the second session was in front of a teacher too, but there was only one artist in the class, so that kind of counted as one artist. This open studio was pivotal for me, because I finally could see if I really could pose undraped in front of a large group of artists. Would I be comfortable? Would I be able to hold the pose for the entire session?  I counted 14 artists there that night, and the session was incredibly memorable. At the end of the session, Andre called me over and asked me to sign his incredible drawing of me. I gasped “Oh my … you made me so … beautiful!” – without skipping a beat, Andre reassured me with “Nah, that’s all you. You went up there with all this confidence … I just drew what I saw.” I happily signed his drawing and took a photo of the image below, with his permission to share.  Andre’s feedback, along with the vibe I got in the room that night made me realize, “I CAN do this. ”

I had the privilege of having Andre at a few other random sessions over the next few months. I think the drawings below were from Winter Garden Art Association‘s Wednesday night Open Studio sessions. Andre captured the movement of these gestures so beautifully.

The bottom drawing was one of my longer poses that same night. His proportions are spot on accurate.

Andre has always been so incredibly supportive of me at sessions, giving me accolades at the end. He has does this each and every time I see him and this surprises me every single time. He even did it with seeing me when he arrived very late to a session. He had to work and had so little time to draw, but that didn’t stop him from making an effort to come talk to me at the end and compliment my ability. Professional, concise, glowing feedback. Andre always makes me drive home feeling like I was appreciated for my efforts that particular night.

Andre’s shining ability is the fact that he is always, 24/7 positive.  His social media posts reflect how happy he is with his life … just ecstatic to be out there creating. He is one of the few artists I know that has the ultimate honor of getting to engrave his fantastic artwork in a person’s skin. As a tattoo artist, it has to be incredible to have clients so happy with his work, they will walk around with it for the rest of their lives. Andre is also super busy too. He works non-stop and also travels all the time to tattoo conventions to share his talent on a grander scale. It probably might embarrass him, but he’s also drop dead handsome too, with a killer smile.  That kindness and positive attitude,  and his love and gratefulness of life just shines out of him when he beams at you, with that fantastic smile.

I don’t have any tattoo’s …. yet. One day, I’ll probably get a Bowie one. Andre will get that honor, because of his amazing talent.

Whether you’re in the market for new ink, want first time ink, or just want to check out Andre’s incredible art – follow him on his Instagram.

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