Artist Focus : Andrew Sides

Andrew Sides is one of the artists that I met while posing at Crealdé School of Art.  I don’t know Andrew that well – and we’ve probably only exchanged about eight sentences each time we’ve seen each other, usually ~ Me: “Wow! You made me so {INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE}! “ Andrew usually answers with either : “I don’t think you realize how much muscle you have.” OR “Where I am sitting, there is great lighting shining down on you, so I can see every muscle.” Either way, Andrew draws me like no other artist.

The drawing below is from the first time I noticed him at the end of a session.

I eventually found Andrew through mutual friends on Facebook, and friend requested him. I am really impressed with his dedication to constantly improving as an artist. From his posts, he seems to travel to conferences for his art, and I’m really impressed by how much time he invests into creating. I don’t know what his day job is, but it seems every lunch hour he is devoting to drawing and mastering new skills. I admire that dedication.

I am always floored by how powerful my body looks in his renderings. I also love that Andrew has such a unique way to sign his art. It reminds me of watermark logos on photographers images. It’s a great way to know whether you are viewing an Andrew Sides original or not.

I’m always happy to see Andrew at a session and if he is there, I always make it a point to go over to see his drawing at the end. I always hope to see a figure drawing, but I think one time created a portrait of me instead. I saw his drawing in progress that day on my first or second break, but sadly didn’t make it back to see the finished portrait after class.

The drawing below is my all time favorite of his. Such amazing strength and confidence is conveyed in this drawing. I look like such a bad-ass. 🙂  Andrew kind of draws me like a superhero anime character. If I am ever having a bad day, or if I ever doubt myself, I need only look at Andrew’s drawings. I can’t deny the confidence he is pulling out of my posing…

The last drawing (below) is from the last Monday night Open Studio session that I posed for at Crealdé. By this time, I was used to seeing how buff Andrew draws me, and was captivated by the incredible shading behind me in his rendering instead. The way Andrew captured the pose details are spot on accurate, but the shading is what really completes the drawing and adds panache. And there it is again … that look of power, confidence, … strength. Andrew’s view of me is something no other artist gives to me, and for that, I give him thanks. 🙂

You can see more of Andrew’s stunning art here by viewing his website.

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