Artist Focus : Daphne Hammond

I discovered artist Daphne Hammond one day while posing for a long pose at Crealdé School of Art. Out of all the artists I have had the pleasure of posing for thus far, Daphne hands down wins the award for drawing me with the most accurate musculature.  The drawing below was from that first session I became aware of her, and I was amazed by the definition she captured in my back.  I also noticed how my scoliosis – something I never think about when posing – was on display. Somehow Daphne made it beautiful. Notice how one shoulder is higher than the other? I did have a slight twist going on in the pose as well, but when I stand perfectly straight, one arm does hang quite a bit lower than the other one. It’s slight, but Daphne caught it right away.

For the drawing below, I found a pose on the Internet that I wanted to duplicate for the session. It looks like an easy laying pose, but my legs were twisted a certain way in the front, and my hands were also intertwined and placed uniquely. This was another long pose, open studio night at Crealdé, and Daphne was so helpful in helping me get back into the pose after each break. I wanted to have it accurate, and – using my cell phone to refer back to the reference photo – Daphne made sure I was positioned correctly each time.

The standing pose below was from another long pose, open studio night at Crealdé, and is my favorite of all her drawings of me. The level of accurate detail is amazing to me. Daphne herself is much like her artwork … direct, open, concise, and honest. There is no guessing, no mystery, Daphne is just a straight shooter. She also is very warm, caring and giving in her nature. Her kindness recently in handing down some cherished family kimono’s really touched my heart. I have already used one of them at a session, and want to include both in a future photography session. They are beautiful and Daphne found a great home for them with me. <3

The last drawing below was from a long pose, open studio night at Maitland Art Center.  I think the way Daphne captures my sacrum is my favorite part to her drawings. I jokingly referred to it as my butt triangle / fat pad, and Daphne said she likes to think of that area on women as a butterfly. I rather like that comparison. 🙂

Daphne does not have a website or display her artwork anywhere that I know of.  She seems to be just living her life and focusing on other things than showcasing her art. I have tagged her in Facebook posts when I post her drawings, and every time I do, her friends come out in droves with the likes and praise, seemingly shocked. She jokingly said she was too lazy to take pictures and post the art, but I think it’s more-so a testament to how humble she really is. But as long as she’s at a session, I will continue to take photos of her artwork, and – with her permission – continue to tag her in my posts. Art is meant to be seen and shared. Especially when one possesses the amazingly detailed level of talent that Daphne has.

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