Artist Focus : Daphne Storm

I met Daphne Storm while posing for the Sunday Crealdé School of Art Open Studio. Daphne is the moderator for the sessions. She is also without a doubt the youngest of the artists I have featured on my blog. With this point in mind, it’s exciting to share her work here, because if she’s this good at her young age now …. I can’t wait to see her artwork develop as the years go by.

I first became aware of Daphne as I saw her drawings after the session at Crealdé School of Art’s Sunday Open Studio where I posed as an Olympic rhythmic gymnast. Even though the poses were quick, she captured the ribbon each time. You can feel the movement in her drawings from that session below.

I gave up on the ribbon prop after the quick gestures. Below I have ropes tied to the stage (left) and no props for a compression pose on the right. I love the detail of the compression pose, and this is the drawing I have of Daphne’s featured in one of the website headers.

The drawing below was from another Crealdé School of Art Sunday Open Studio session. I posed as the Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Love the detail of the pearls here.

Here is another from the Holly Golightly session. I love the flow and softness in this drawing.

For my last session at Crealdé School of Art’s Sunday Open Studio session, I was a cowgirl … complete with cowboy hat, rope, and “horse”. Daphne is using a different drawing technique here and the gestures seem to come alive with movement.

Below are some longer hold poses from that session. My favorite of this group is the middle drawing, where I am turned to the side with my hat tipped.

The drawing below was one of my last poses during the cowgirl session, and I love that Daphne made the most of this drawing, despite her restricted view here. I love how the shading is loose, but the lines are perfectly defined, combining together in a beautiful image of softness. This is my favorite of all of her drawings.

As far as I know, Daphne doesn’t have a website or any way to contact her for commissions at this point in time, but I am sure that will change. In the meantime, Daphne is finishing college while always honing her craft to become the best artist that she can be.


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