Artist Focus : Heidi Savage

I met artist Heidi Savage while modeling for Don Sondag’s portrait painting class at Crealdé School of Art. The session was a total of three sessions, spread out over 3 weeks, for 3 hours each session. When I saw Heidi’s work after just the first week, I was in awe. Even though her painting below is only in the initial gray tones drawing phase, it already had great likeness.

Below is Heidi’s painting at the end of the three weeks. Lovely accents of color to showcase the light and dark areas. I especially love how she detailed the light in my hair highlights and the light accents on my face.

To me, Heidi possesses something that no other artist has. She seems to constantly change her painting/drawing style. The drawing below is a standing long pose I did at a Crealdé Monday Night Open Studio session. I was holding onto ropes for support, but Heidi did not include them in her drawing. The effect is this kind of cool feminine power pose with my fist raised up like that. That is one of the neat things about modeling … each artist can take a pose/setting and totally create a different energy and feel to the moment in time. Heidi captured the tension in my face of the hold. My favorite part of the drawing is my spot on accurate torso, which she drew beautifully.

The drawing below was from a three-hour long pose session at the Wednesday night Creative Night at HENAO Contemporary Center. I rented an elk horn hat for this session, and the way Heidi captured it – along with my stoic expression –  is just an incredibly powerful drawing. I seriously had my mouth open when I looked at this drawing at the end of the session. I just stared at it for a few moments. The pops of color seriously blow me away. There was a blue spotlight light (à la Steven Assael)  shining on my right side, and Heidi picked up that light so beautifully here.

The drawing below was from another long pose, open studio session at Crealdé. The moderator tied a beautiful scarf in my hair. The end result is that I look a bit like Frida. 🙂 This is Heidi’s best likeness of me and is my favorite from the times I’ve been fortunate to model for her at a session.

I do not believe Heidi has a website or any contact information I can share. I am sure that will change soon though as she continues to be a creative force in the Orlando art community. You can, however,  meet Heidi in person by attending one of her Friday Open Studio sessions at Crealdé, which runs from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm, and meets in Studio 1A. Heidi is easy to spot. She will be the artist who constantly has this amazingly peaceful, beautiful, serene expression on her face. It’s a joy to be the recipient of her Zen attitude coming out on the paper/canvas. If you meet her, tell her I say Hi. 🙂

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