Artist Focus : Hugo Giraud Jr.

Today’s blog features the artwork of Hugo Giraud Jr.  I have only had the pleasure of meeting Hugo one time, during an Open Studio session at Crealdé School of Art. For this particular life modeling session, I decided to emulate a marionette by hanging black string from an exposed beam in the ceiling, then  looping the string ends around my wrists for the puppet effect. The first 2 minute poses are directly below.

Hugo teaches drawing at Full Sail University, and it was really fortunate for me that for this particular session, I had the presence of an incredible illustrator there to capture the session with incredible flow and motion.

You can pretty much see me moving in the drawings below. Note the pose hold times that Hugo wrote in the drawings below.

After the standing series, I let my marionette collapse into this pose for the first 10 minute pose.

Then I stood up again for this challenging 20 minute pose…

The detail in my expression below is really incredible. This was the last pose for the session.

In addition to his teaching, Hugo has also just launched a cool new business called Pin Cats that he started with fellow artist Audrey Zindler. Any concept you can come up with, Hugo and Audrey will create the logo and create it into a beautiful, quality pin. Check out Pin Cats here.

You can also follow Hugo’s animation adventures on his Instagram account here.

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