Artist Focus : Orit Reuben

If all art models were to be honest, they would admit that there are some artists out there that are on their bucket list of artist they would love to model for. Orit Reuben is my white whale. 🙂

I first became aware of Orit’s beautiful pastel drawings when I was just starting out pursing art modeling, while perusing the Facebook gallery of veteran art model. Orit’s drawings are a frenzy of beautiful colors that somehow mix to complete stunning images that capture light and shadows in a way that is uniquely her own. It’s impossible to just view her drawings and feel nothing. Somehow Orit is able to put a life and soul into all of her artwork, whether it be the balmy breeze you can feel while viewing one of her Florida landscape paintings, or the emotions the model was feeling while sitting for a life study session, or even the feeling of the setting she has captured in one of her room drawings.

Orit is a member of The Florida Painters and I first saw her in person at one of their shows at Crealdé School of Art . Since I had already become aware of Orit through social media, I already knew how beautiful she is. Orit has these big, beautiful, haunting eyes and an exotic beauty not many women possess. I was a bit star-struck when I saw her. I wanted to approach her and introduce myself, but I felt very odd about going up to someone I never met and telling them I already knew who they were. I ended up chickening out and leaving the event. I was dazzled by a figure piece Orit had in the show, and was kicking myself for not going up to her.

Many months later, I was walking into Crealdé School of Art for an Open Studio session and I noticed a thin woman, with dark curls, getting out of her car, and gathering her drawing pad from the back seat. It was Orit! I was excited to finally get to meet her, and I could not wait to see how she captured me. I always try to give 100% at each session, but that session, I felt a bit like a peacock. I tried to shine as bright as I could. I wanted her to think I was a good model. The pastel drawing below was created from that first session.  Bingo. Likeness from the first sitting!

I didn’t talk to Orit a lot at that session. I carefully played it cool, by slowly making  my way around to her easel, at the end of class. I was blown away by the likeness I saw, and Orit graciously granted me permission to take a photo of her drawing, as well as feature the drawing here on my website.

I had the pleasure of posing again for Orit when she attended a few more Open Studios at Crealdé. I quickly learned that Orit is incredibly friendly, thoughtful  (bringing candy for Halloween to an Open Studio session on October 31st),  and is very down to earth.

For the drawing below, she chose to create a figure drawing.  I love the commanding power she emotes through this drawing.

The drawing below is a more raw image. The use of light and shadow appears effortless, as your eye accurately finds the details in my face: my high cheekbones, the defined chin, even the way the light hits my forehead … it’s all so methodically detailed yet feels so effortless. Beautifully stunning.

You can find out more about Orit and view more of her work by viewing her website. You can even purchase accent pillows, throws and blouses featuring Orit’s work here. Needless to say, posing for Orit was a great honor and it was all I hoped it would be. 🙂

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