Artist Focus : Ruth Squitieri

Out of all the blogs I have written thus far, I have to admit, I have been stumped on writing Ruth Squitieri’s blog. It’s not like – as with some other artists I have little content –  just the opposite, for Ruth I have TOO MUCH content. 🙂 I’ve had to pare down my favorite works of hers for this blog.

I met Ruth while posing for Artists’ Workshop. The painting below came out of that first session with her. I love this painting so much, because of how Ruth chose to paint it. In reality I was laying on a white hard plastic patio bench. Because the bench had open areas, I could twist and turn to pull myself into a contorted cool pose that would have been impossible to hold for 20 minutes. This was my most painful pose to date. My arm fell asleep and my hip hurt … all of that doesn’t matter though, because of how beautiful Ruth captured this moment from her paint brush – and the fact that she chose to omit the bench. Magical ….

Another painting from that session was this beautiful painting. This is my favorite painting she has created of me from sessions so far. I love the flow of my hair brushed off to the side, the indent of my shoulder blades coming together …. the roundness of my backside … soft, feminine, beautiful …

Another neat thing about posing for Ruth …. I never know what medium she is going to show up with for creating that night. This particular night, she chose to use pen & ink…

On my last session with Ruth, she was debuting using a Chinese bamboo brush. I love how this painting came out, and it’s incredible it was her first time using this medium. I love the reflective stare I have. The mood she created with that brush is so serene and peaceful. You wonder what I am thinking, in such deep thought …

The most beautiful art from my collection Ruth’s work, is this incredible drawing she did of me. The likeness is spot on. I love how soft and delicate this drawing is. Shading only in certain areas that needed some attention and definition.

Ruth keeps busy creating wherever she goes. She has even been known to beautifully sketch a car dealership while waiting on her car’s oil change, or just relaxing on the beach. She also travels the world, and you can follow her adventures and see the art that comes out of her adventures here. Ruth also teaches a weekly Colorful Pen & Ink drawing class at Artists’ Workshop on Thursdays from 9:30am – 12:30am. Ruth is currently taking commissions for pet portraits as well. To contact Ruth about a commission, click here.

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  1. Ruth is extremely talented and very humble about her gift. Living in NY I am saving up for a visit to view her first show. I’m sure this will not be too far away. I am in awe of her extraordinary talent and grateful to know such a fabulous artist.

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