Artist Focus : Sarah Grace

Today’s blog features the art of Sarah Grace. I do not know Sarah well at all. I’ve never actually met her in person, or spoke to her in person. I met her through finding her incredible drawings of me on a FB drawing group. We’ve only exchanged a few PM’s back and forth, but I can tell you that while I don’t know Sarah that well, we share a lot in common. I can also tell you she is a very open, honest, and straight forward person.

The artwork below is from that session where I found her on Facebook. It was from a Sunday Crealdé School of Art Open Studio. This was a gesture pose session.

The drawing below was my favorite from that session, and I love the incredible detail she put into her anatomical drawing.

Below are more from that session. Sarah’s drawings read very romantic to me. Very flowly …. delicate … beautiful.

I think this is another one from that same session. There was almost just enough time at the end to put in a glimpse of my face. It was a 20 minute pose. The body proportions and details are spot on.

Once I PM’d Sarah to ask her for use of sharing her artwork, she provided me with other drawings from a prior session at Crealdé …. another open studio session. This was the fateful session where I had the bright idea to incorporate an exercise ball and misjudged the size of the stage and slid off, onto the floor and just barely missing some artists.  Sarah fortunately did not capture that part, but she did capture the remainder of that session. The drawing on the left I was holding the ball.


I think this was the last 20 minute pose of that session. Sarah did an excellent job of capturing me at the end, halfway to the fetal position.

As Sarah wins the award for the most mystery artist of all those I have profiled on here, I do not have any website or contact info for her here. I will circle back though if that changes. In the meantime, I am happy to share the beauty of her work. Thank you again Sarah for letting me share it. 🙂

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