Photography Focus : Joe Lewis Fine Arts – Oct ’17

I haven’t utilized my blog in a long time.  I haven’t been in a blogging mood. This blog – however – is something I’ve wanted to post for a long time.

Whenever I shoot with photographer Joe Lewis, magic happens. And by magic I mean the shoot comes back with tons of usable photos. The photos below are from our 2nd shoot, shot last October 2017. I wanted to write this blog when I was sure the edits were done rolling in, as Joe likes to trickle them out to me over a series of time, since he’s uber busy. I am pretty sure this is it from that session.  About 3 hours of shooting time rendered the gold below. The very last photo below was sold at Nude Nite Tampa last month! That’s very exciting for me. I’m on someone’s wall somewhere, other than my own wall at home. ::grin:: Seriously – I do this to live on. This is my way to be immortal. Joe keeps me immortal in a beautiful, natural way. Very, very limited Photoshop on these. Imperfections are mostly left, attention is to shadowing or making the image better – not Photoshopping out my blue veins or arm scar, etc.   As I mentioned in the last Joe Lewis blog, this has done wonders for body acceptance at my age. This is my record of my 47th year. 🙂

There are many edits he sent me, but these are my all time fav edits from that shoot, and many I couldn’t share on Facebook, because of nudity, so I’m excited to share them now. Because what is the point of just sitting on a hard drive somewhere? Art is meant to be shared and cherished. I cherish all these photos and thank Joe for bringing out the beauty he saw in me that day.









And THIS photo below was the one sold at Nude Nite Tampa last month ….
Congrats Joe!!!  😀


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